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Please note that I have no association with Pat Metheny, his record label, his publishing company, his manager, or his agent.  I am merely the self-proclaimed world’s biggest Pat Metheny fan that publishes this fan site to grow awareness of this living-legend. If any material presented on this website violates any intellectual property restrictions, please notify me and I will fix it immediately.

Pat Metheny Website

Pat Metheny Representatives:

173 Brighton Avenue
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Phone: 617.254.0007

  • Jeff J Shearer

    Do you have any idea what guitar Pat used on the Charlie Hayden album when he played Shenandoah.

    • Unfortunately I don’t. I’m an expert in Pat’s music but know very little about his guitars beyond the obvious.

  • Thomas

    I´m a 57 year old german hobby-musician and one of my really favorit-songs is the Solo of Pat Metheney and Lyle Mays at Joni Mitchells album “shadows and light” (after the song amelia).
    Unfortunetly I never found a similar record of Pat so maybe you can give me an advice, whether there is more material?
    Thanks a lot!
    Thomas “Bluesbrother” Brand