YouTube: Pat Metheny & Anna Maria Jopek “Are You Going With Me” Live (2000)

  • My guess is that this is live video from the Upojenie tour, a concert recorded in Warsaw, Poland 2002.  Seems to be flying beneath the radar on YouTube:  

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YouTube: Pat Metheny Lesson on Impovisation (Audio Only)

YouTube: Are You Going With Me — Audio Only

  • “Are You Going With Me” from Offramp (1982) — audio only.  Metheny album covers and images accompany as a slide show. “…it has become a timeless trademark Metheny song, his musical signature” according to Wikipedia. Over 1 Million “views.”:  

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YouTube: Pat Metheny Solo/Acoustic Medley — Live (2004)

  • Solo/Acoustic Medley includes Phase Dance, Minuano (6/8), September 15th, First Circle, This is Not America. Recorded live at the Lugano Switzerland Jazz Festival July 9, 2004. 1.7MM Views on YouTube:  

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YouTube: Last Train Home Live

  • Appears to be from the Still Life (Talking) Tour with Pedro Aznar.  1.5 Million Views:  

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YouTube: Have You Heard from We Live Here Tour (Japan 1995)

  • Uploaded to YouTube on July 22, 2007 — 2 Million Views (the most of any Pat Metheny video on YouTube):  

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