Pat Metheny Unity Group Concert @ The Warfield in San Francisco + Set List

By Sean Fenlon on March 17, 2014



The Warfield

I enjoyed front row seats with my wife for this fantastic show — I was very lucky to catch this show in my travels en route from LA to Napa.

It made me especially eager for the upcoming Strathmore show in my home state of MD — six front row tickets there as well 🙂

I didn’t write down the set list, but here is how I remember the order of the evening:

  1. Pat Solo on Pikasso Guitar – Impromptu Fantasy — I did not identify any recorded tunes — sounded 100% extemporaenous
    Pat was then joined by the member of the Unity “Band” (which is the “Group” minus Giulio Carmassi)
  2. “Come And See” from Pat Metheny Unity Band
    Metheny begins on the Pikasso and then to Guitar Synth, Chris Potter begins on Bass Clarinet
  3. “Roofdogs” from Pat Metheny Unity Band
    Metheny to Acoustic
  4. “New Year” from Pat Metheny Unity Band
  5. James from OfframpPM Talk — explains “Unity Band” vs “Unity Group”
  6. Giulio Carmassi joins the stage
  7. “Kin” from Kin (<—>)
  8. “Rise Up” from Kin (<—>)
  9. “Born” from Kin (<—>)
  10. “On Day One” from Kin (<—>)Band exits stage, except for Pat
  11. “How Insensitive” (Duet w/Ben Williams)Very expressive/musical interpretation of this Antonio Carlos Jobim standard — however the “head” (main/opening melody) was transformed to the point that only folks intimately familiar with the tune would recognize it.
  12. “All the Things You Are” (Duet w/Chris Potter)Unbelievable tempo of this timeless jazz classic — the melody was never presented — rather both musicians romped through the changes creating improvised counterpoint.
  13. “Dream of the Return” from Letter from Home (Duet w/Guilio Carmassi)This duet featured the vocal stylings of the newest member of the group — a classic Metheny tune originally sung by Pedro Aznar.
  14. “(Go) Get It” from Trio 99>00 (Duet w/Antonio) – plus Drum SoloThis is the burner duet that was also highlighted on the Speaking of Now tour back in 2002

    The rest of the band re-joins the stage

  15. “Bright Size Life” from Bright Size Life
  16. “Sign of the Season” from Kin (<—>)
  17. “Have You Heard” from Letter From Home

    The first few notes of this selection brought noticeable cheers and howls of delight from the long-time Metheny loyalists, including my wife Terri.

  18. ENCORE-1 – “Are You Going With Me” from OfframpENCORE-2 – Acoustic Guitar Medley — I heard at least six tunes in the medley but the only ones I can remember for sure are “Minuano” and “Last Train Home”

2:45 on the button — consistent with the other show reports, and consistent with all the Metheny “Group” tours in recent memory.

There was a small meet-and-greet group allowed backstage after the show but sadly (for me), I was not part of the group. If any of the readers of this blog have any idea on how to procure these priceless passes, please contact me — it would mean a lot to this fan.

I highly recommend everyone do everything they can to seen this live show.

I suspect you will find it to be one of the greatest displays of musicianship you have ever witnessed, and I genuinely understand the audacity of that statement.




Marquee Takedown

Marquee Takedown After the Show… On to the next…